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Routine activities such as chewing and biting can quickly wear down your teeth over time. When combined with decay or other conditions such as bruxism, the state of your smile may become vulnerable to damage, compromising the overall health and function of your dentition. At Elk Grove Landing Family Dental, our restorative dental treatments are all encompassing, ensuring that you can enjoy lasting health and fully functional teeth. Elk Grove dentist Dr. Joseph Phen uses advanced technology to provide each patient with a personalized restorative treatment plan that meets their immediate health needs while providing aesthetically pleasing results. 

What is a Restorative Treatment?

Restorative dentistry is a broad term used to describe treatments that help restore teeth to near-natural function and health. Given this broad definition, there are a number of treatments that can fall into this category. For example, composite fillings are used to repair cavities and cracks in teeth, protecting the inner tooth from further damage while restoring aesthetics using a tooth-colored resin. 

Similarly, porcelain crowns help to reinforce teeth that have a deep cavity or required root canal therapy. As these highly durable crowns are made to match the surrounding teeth, patients receive a restoration that protects vulnerable teeth, prevents reinfection, and blends in seamlessly with the rest of their smile. For patients seeking more extensive restorative care, dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth or teeth that are damaged and cannot be saved. 

Your Restorative Treatment Options in Elk Grove

We believe that restorative care should be conservative to preserve healthy tooth structure, yet comprehensive enough to protect teeth from further damage. At our state-of-the-art family dental practice, tools such as digital x-rays, cone beam digital imaging, and 3D panoramic imaging are used to develop highly personalized treatment plans for each patient. 

To ensure lasting results, Dr. Phen uses durable materials, such as Lava™ crowns for both single crown restoration and multi-unit dental bridges. Not only are these all-ceramic restorations incredibly natural looking, but they are also extremely durable, allowing them to better resist routine wear and tear caused by grinding and clenching. By choosing metal-free crowns and composite filings, patients are able to enjoy improved oral health and function, without the negative aesthetic or health side effects that have been linked to metal crowns and fillings. 

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At Elk Grove Landing Family Dental, our mission is to help patients achieve lasting, beautiful smiles through personalized dental care. Our family-oriented practice is proud to serve the restorative needs of patients of all ages. For more information about the importance of seeking restorative care, contact our Elk Grove dentist today to schedule your consultation. 


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