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Dr. Joseph Phen has a passion for giving his patients the best dental healthcare which he can provide. In order to make sure that his practice is a place to encourage the best dental health, Dr. Phen and his staff adhere to three principles: dentistry for all ages, metal-free treatment, and providing complete treatments within one appointment. Elk Grove Landing Family Dental uses these patient care philosophies to best serve the patients of Elk Grove, Sheldon, Wilton, and Franklin.

Dentistry for Every Age

Elk Grove Landing Family Dental sees patients of almost every age. We provide dental services to children who are comfortable in the operatory, including patients as young as two years old, and we have patients as old as ninety-nine. The individualized treatments we have for every patient age group allows us to treat the entire family.

Metal-Free Dentistry

Dental fillings, crowns, and fixed bridges are among some of the most commonplace and traditional dental restorations our practice provides. Traditionally, these would involve metallic components. While these treatments have their place in dentistry, they can also present oral health problems. Some patients may possess a rare allergy to the metals used in crowns and fillings, and the metal frames of bridges can also prematurely wear down the smile where they are placed.  

Dr. Phen provides only provides fillings, crowns, and bridges made of composite resin or dental porcelain. Though metal is still used in certain instances, such as creating denture frames, this approach is referred to as metal-free dentistry. When you visit our office in Elk Grove to receive a metal-free restoration, you enjoy the hypoallergenic properties of dental porcelain and composite, as well as their durability and cosmetic appearance.

Same-Day Services

While certain procedures require multiple appointments, Elk Grove Landing Family Dental tries to provide as many services within one appointment as possible, giving you a much healthier mouth in a single day. The best example of this approach is our ability to reline and repair full and partial dentures within a single appointment; if your dentures are no longer fitting properly or the clasps have been bent, you can visit our office in Elk Grove and walk out with completely functional dentures. In these services and more, Dr. Phen helps you maintain the health and beauty of your smile.

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Elk Grove Landing Family Dental adheres to the principles of family dentistry, metal-free health, and same-day services to best serve the needs of patients in Elk Grove, Sheldon, Wilton, and Franklin. For more information, call our practice today or schedule an appointment online!

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